About Us

Edunovate is a treasure-house of Educational Enlightenment Program.It has been Founded in 2016 as philanthropic initiative to develop Creative, Learning and Fun packages that train the power of mind.

Edunovate provides educational training, workshops and activity programs to improve the imagination and Hands-On-Exercise to create lifelong learners in this domain.

At Edunovate we believe that “Play is the highest form of research” , as children discover the world through play; their inborn disposition for learning, curiosity, imagination and fantasy is manifested in the process of play. Play is immersion in an activity wherein construction, exploration and experimentation of ideas and objects takes place. We merge all desired skills, concepts and knowledge with innovative materials, equipment and techniques to inspire play. Play results in heightened attention in an activity and memory fixation which enhances the retention of knowledge by strengthening connections in brain areas of the frontal cortex and the cognitive center. We emphasized on Overall development of kid which is known as Multiple Intelligence.

Surbhi Saxena


Expert: Strategy, Creative Design and Product Development

By learning from past & forecast assignments and having immense Ostentation to change gears from engineering to design, Surbhi pursued what she wanted to do rather than what others thought she ought to do. Surbhi has 5 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, curriculum developer, and pre- primary and elementary school educator. She now brings the passion and energy to building a company that is known for delightful products that children love and parents’ value. Apart from this, she oversees all design related activities within the company; including brand building, packaging, prototyping etc.

Being at the helm of Edunovate works as the perfect platform to taking something from non-existence to a reality. Surbhi holds responsibility for designing original activity and toy ideas for Edunovate that are fun and learning oriented.